Organizations We Support

Best Friends Animal Society
Marin Humane

As our friends know, Linda and I have always been animal lovers. We currently have two dogs and two cats, and we love to observe the birds and squirrels that visit our outdoor feeder. 

So we’ve decided to use this platform as an opportunity to spread the word about our favorite causes, Best Friends Animal Society and Marin Humane.

Best Friends has been a leader in the No-Kill movement, which calls for saving the lives of animals rather than resorting to euthanasia. At the Best Friends Animal Society’s sanctuary in Utah, some 1,600 animals receive medical attention, rehabilitation, and training. Most are then made available for adoption. Animals that cannot be adopted due to behavioral problems are able to live out their days at this peaceful refuge, enjoying a fulfilling rather than an imprisoned life—or no life at all.

Marin Humane brings in adoptable animals from overcrowded shelters throughout California and places them in loving homes. They also ensure that guardians and beloved pets can stay together in times of financial hardship or illness; provide a safe space for people with disabilities to interact with animals; support children’s reading programs by offering kids the opportunity to read to a dog; and more.

Meet Our Best Friends